About Us

SCENT SWATCH is a Filipino brand of fragrances and other personal care products owned and distributed by CADE Parfumerie, Inc. Our mission is to provide the budget-conscious consumer an affordable alternative to imported perfume brands. This is backed by our vision of becoming the go-to brand for affordable quality fragrances in the Philippines.

We carry a wide variety of scents inspired by popular designer fragrances - from classic woody-aromatics to contemporary fruity-florals - that cater to the sophisticated taste of our equally diverse customer base. Compared to competitor brands available in the market, Scent Swatch perfumes are Eau de Parfum grade that boast of higher fragrance oil content than Eau de Toilette. This gives our perfumes the signature superior quality scent that is more defined and longer-lasting.

Since our humble start in 2012, we have maintained a steady growth, becoming a trusted name for locally manufactured perfumes, praised for our long-lasting quality and affordability.

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